Kristie M, a radiation patient

Kristie M – “Now everyday is a gift”

Beating Cancer with Radiation Oncology

Kristie M., a breast cancer survivor, is one of Dr. Villiotte’s patients.  Following surgery and chemotherapy Kristie started a course of radiation treatment.

“It’s incredible.  I’ve finished up the last of the treatments, and I feel great.  Dr. Villiotte and the radiation therapists were wonderful.  No procedure is ever pleasant, but they did everything they could to make it as easy for me as possible at each of my visits.”

Back in the skies

Kristie is back to work after a 10-month hiatus for her cancer treatment.  She’s a flight attendant, based out of Logan Airport.   She lives in Wells and commutes to Boston to catch her flights.  She’s been looking forward to returning to a regular routine and says that her experience has her feeling that “every day is a gift.”

With a smile, Kristie adds that another “gift” is the curly hair she now wears in a fashionable crop.  “Before the chemo, my hair was straight, straight, straight”, she shares.

The role of radiation

Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to kill or shrink cancer cells.  It can be used to reduce the size of a cancer before surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells after surgery and/or chemotherapy, or as the primary treatment.  The radiation oncologist works with the patient to determine and direct a treatment protocol.

The Cancer Care Center of York County began treating patients on a new Varian True Beam Linear Accelerator and GE CT Simulator after a 3.5-month renovation.

Cancer patients in York County now have state-of-the-art cancer treatment that will provide the most comprehensive care possible located at the Cancer Care Center of York County in South Sanford.

Improving cancer outcomes is the ultimate goal all cancer providers strive to achieve

“Improving cancer outcomes is the ultimate goal all cancer providers strive to achieve,” said Philip Villiotte, MD, Medical Director, Cancer Care Center and Radiation Oncologist, Spectrum Medical Group.  He continues,” With the addition of the new Varian linear accelerator (LINAC), we can deliver state-of-the art precision radiation in higher doses directly to the tumor while minimizing side effects.  The new technology is capable of advanced treatments such as Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) which is offered as a curative alternative for some early stage lung cancers.  These new capabilities mean more accurate treatments that can be accomplished in shorter times, minimizing radiation damage to healthy tissue and improving patient outcomes.”

The center will continue to offer many of the supportive services offered over the last 7 years, on-site social work, nutritional services, patient advocacy services, Reiki, Meditation and guided imagery, introduction of acupuncture and yoga for healing.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a private tour of the new technology, please contact the Executive Director at 207-459-1606.