About Us

About Us

We take great pride in our relationships and on-going communication with every member of each patient’s medical team.  Patients come to us with a referral from their primary care doctor, surgeon or oncologist.  Our goal is to form a team that communicates well and provides a multi-disciplinary approach for the patient. We want everyone involved – the patient, family members, and other healthcare providers, to know exactly what’s going on.

Maine Medical Center and Southern Maine Health Care are our hospital partners who created our state-of-the-art, yet home-like environment.

Care, Compassion, Communication

We enjoy meeting with our patients and caregivers and learning how we can help. Our on-site nutrition program, patient advocate program, and complimentary services such as yoga for healing and meditation can make a real difference.”

– Karen Pierce-Stewart, Executive Director, Cancer Care Center

Clinical excellence truly does matter and convenience is important to patients and caregivers when they come for their radiation therapy daily.  Cancer patients are under enough strain; they don’t want to deal with traveling and coordinating complex details of their care.”

 – Nellie Bergeron, Radiation Oncology Nurse

Cancer patients have more choices for their care than ever before.  I pride myself on going that extra mile for all of our patients and their families.”

 – Amy Kane, Senior Radiation Therapist

It’s so important to me and my family that every aspect of my care and treatment can take place in one building. The convenience of a single location with a consistent care team makes me feel supported, calm and in control.”

 – Julie W, Patient

You are all very professional, warm, comforting and compassionate in the darkest moments people are facing. I will always be grateful and remember each and every one of you who helped me through this journey!”

 – Nancy A, Patient

The staff here are so sweet and caring, and go out of their way to make patients and family members feel comfortable. The atmosphere is so stress-free and you feel like you’re visiting family.”

 – Margie J, Patient